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Good with Dogs: Yes

Good with Cats: No

Good with Kids: Yes

Housebroken: No

Crate trained: Yes

Good on leash: Yes





Nini When the volunteer met Nini for the first time, she was like a black rag lying on a moldy pillow in the animal shelter. She suffered serious skin problems all over her body and some kind of eye problem. She was so shy and in a mess with the other abandoned dogs counting their last days in the shelter. Nini was abandoned by her former owner when she was 3 months old. We couldn’t imagine what kind of miserable life she had gone through before, but from her eye, we could feel her fear and not being loved. In the animal shelter, she was so small and couldn’t have enough food when competing with other healthier and stronger dogs, not to mention being taken well care of. With the volunteer’s efforts to post her terrible condition on the Internet, a rescuer read the sad news and made up her mind to take her out of the shelter for proper medical care, and saved her from the doom day of euthanasia. In the beginning, she was shy and timid. After some time, under the good hand of the foster family, she was transformed and revealed her true nature of being energetic and lively. She also loves to come to people for a cuddle. She is friendly to people as well as to other dogs. Nini is lovable with a mild temper, and she is waiting for a home with abundant love and warmth. Now Nini is around 6 months old, and is perfect healthy now. We believe that under the love and care of the foster family, she will soon have shiny and long black hair. We do look forward to a happy ending for Nini. The rescuer has written the first half of her life story with a hopeful beginning, we do pray God to give Nini a true happiness in the future under a merciful and loving hand to add colors upon Nini’s latter half of life story.


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