Good with Dogs: Yes

Good with Cats: N/A

Good with Kids: Yes

Housebroken: Yes

Crate trained: Yes

Good on leash: Yes






Jordan – an male pup was spotted in the community park by the rescuer. The neighbors informed the rescuer the pup was beaten by the homeless and drunk all the time. The only food resource is the food scrap in the trash can if there is any available. After almost 2 months feeding, the rescuer still cannot catch this very shy and submissive pup. During one of raining night in April, Jordan was finally caught. The vet does all the check up and confirmed Jordan is an about one year old healthy boy. Jordan was afraid of being put the leash on him as the volunteers ready to take him out for a walk. We can only image that he might have the bad experience associated with the leash by his previous owners. After 4 months living with foster who provides tons of TLC, Jordan started coming out of his shy shell, enjoys being petted and playing with people. Jordan gets along well with dogs. We are hoping there is a person or family who can embrace Jordan’s past and is willing to provide Jordan with love and care to have him trust and rebounding with people. Jordan has all his shots up-to-date. It will take some time to get Jordan warm up. Once he opens his heart, he will be a wonderful life time companions for you and your family.


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