Aviary Photo_130472869639060475Good with Dogs: Yes

Good with Catss: N/A

Good with Kids: Yes

Housebroken: Yes

Crate trained: N/A

Good on Leash: Yes







The rescuer spotted Jessica is on the street wondering around when she was on her way home after the chemo therapy treatment in the hospital due to cancer tumors. Jessica is probably about 3 months old. Jessica was pick up right before she almost got hit by a truck in such heavy traffic street. After driving for about 1 mile, another dog looks exactly like Jessica walking on the street. The rescuer believe they are from the same litter and decide to take both home. The vet gave them a clean bill. Both girls are in good health condition. It’s time to find them a good home. Jessica is the one with the flappy ears; Tiffany is the one with the pointy ears. Both are friendly, eager to please people. Quite smart to learn commands. Enjoy swimming and all kinds of outdoor activities. Getting alone well with dogs and very gentle approaching the kids. We believe Jessica and Tiffany have golden retriever in them. Now both girls are about 2 years old. All the shots are up to date. Please consider to offer Jessica or Tiffany a place called their home.


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