Good with Dogs: Yes

Good with Cats: Yes

Good with Kids: Yes

Housebroken: Still in training

Crate trained: Still in training

Good on leash: Still in training







Angel is lovely 4 months old girl. She is rescued from a shelter right before the last day of mercy killing. She was thin and shy at the first moment I saw her. She couldn’t stop shaking her body to tell how frightening she felt. She is doing very good for the following days. Her smile and gentle interaction show how friendly she can get along with dog, cats and humans. She is a well-behaved puppy that she never barks and is very patient. Many times she acts like a cat that she rubs up when people gently touch her. She sometimes likes to hold your hand when biting snack. In summary, she is a very friendly and stable puppy among the peer. She is even appropriate for a new family who never has a dog before.



angel 6 angel 5 angel 4 angel 3 angel 2 angel 1

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